Elevate Your Acoustics:
Bring Reverb To Your
Nylon-String Guitar

100% Unplugged. Ultralight. Natural, Rich Reverb.
No batteries or cables. No pickups, pedals, or amps needed.

Clips On in Seconds

Portable Design, Play Anywhere

Reverb Straight From Your Guitar

Time Synchronized Reverb Comparison

Switch seamlessly between raw audio clips.

Click the buttons below to hear the difference With and Without Aspri Reverb.

To stop the sound, press the activated button again. To restart, either refresh the page or wait for the 20-second audio clips to finish.

Featured Artist Testimonials

Zakk Wylde
Zakk WyldeGuitar legend & founder of Black Label Society
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Having a blast with the Aspri reverb unit. Super cool little invention. Like playing your acoustic in the studio with headphones on and all the great sounding. Inspiring reverb… Definitely cool for songwriting.
Andy Grammer
Andy GrammerMulti-platinum singer-songwriter
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The Aspri Reverb is awesome because it gives you reverb just live… It totally creates a mood for live performance. Love this thing!
Vernon Reid
Vernon ReidGuitar legend & founder of Living Colour
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Aspri, the pocket spring reverb for acoustic guitar is a fantastic PHYSICAL effect. No Bluetooth. No batteries!
Brendan Benson
Brendan BensonSinger-songwriter, producer & co-founder of The Raconteurs
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I’m stunned! It’s so simple, and so genius and subtle at the same time!
Eren Cannata
Eren CannataSongwriter, producer & co-owner of Cove City Sound Studios
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The best analog spring reverb I have heard in a long time & best of all I can bring it with me anywhere!
Mario Guini
Mario Guini4x Latin Grammy "Multi Platinum Winner" & guitar player for Marc Anthony
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Not only does it sound amazing but it inspires and truly captivates you.
Matthew & Gunnar Nelson
Matthew & Gunnar NelsonSinger-songwriters & founders of the band Nelson
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Our Aspris allow us to sound richer, fuller, and more inspired in even the most intimate and revealing venues. What a stroke of genius- a spring reverb on your acoustic guitar.
Chris Henderson
Chris HendersonLead guitar player for 3 Doors Down
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Where has this thing been all my life. Instant inspiration guys!
Andy Vargas
Andy VargasLead singer for Santana
Read More
I felt an immediate inspiration and wanted to play more.
Jessica Lynn
Jessica LynnBillboard-charting singer-songwriter
Read More
This was amazing. Playing guitar felt like a whole new experience. The guitar sounded incredible.
Sandy Beales
Sandy BealesBass guitar player for One Direction
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Playing around with my Aspri Reverb for acoustic guitars, they are insane, guitarists and musicians check them out.

Make the Leap from Musician to Artist

Unlock Your Full Potential

Are you tired of flat, lifeless tones?

Instead of the dry sound typical of nylon-string guitars, Aspri enhances your guitar’s natural resonance, making every note come alive by capturing string vibrations and releasing rich reverb through the soundhole. Guaranteed to work on all six-string classical and flamenco guitars, Aspri delivers professional studio-quality reverb at your fingertips.

Be inspired. Play with more expression and confidence.

Turn Any Space Into a Concert Hall

Tired of playing in bathrooms for better acoustics, struggling to find inspiration without pricey, complicated gear?

Aspri transforms any space into a concert hall. Clip it on in seconds for pure, natural reverb. 100% unplugged and non-electric, it has no power sources—no batteries, cables, pickups, pedals, or amps. Its ultralight, award-winning design with padded features ensures it won't damage your guitar.

Bring the Aspri anywhere and let it take you everywhere.

There's nothing else like it on the market... Simplicity at its best.

Customer Testimonials

David "Sawlon" Lawson
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I purchased my first Aspri Reverb in 1988 after seeing it advertised in Guitar Player Magazine. That was back when they had the little Soundpage flexible records inside. Al Di Meola was demonstrating it and I was blown away! I still have that unit and also the new one which I have on my guitar all the time. Thank you Aspri for this wonderful product!
“Flamenco Chuck” Keyser
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I am VERY impressed with the new version; the redesign is highly successful. It sounds great (like a spring “cathedral” reverb, but the spring sound is not overdone; the effect is very smooth…Bottom line: this is not a toy, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Check out the videos on their website, they don’t lie… I am really impressed with this thing. No electricity, and a very, very nice reverb sound…
Corneille Driezen
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I just bought an ASPRI UNIT – used it on my Blueridge acoustic guitar and… I could hear “heaven”…. Please believe me and try it yourself – you feel like playing in a concert hall ….Great stuff! Thanks a lot for changing my musical life!
Bil Andersen
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The ASPRI is a great accessory! I was very pleased with how dramatically it improved the tonal response and volume of my Yamaha FG-400A. It is an OK guitar but doesn’t have much sustain or response to light fingering/touch. The ASPRI has given it a much better voice and touch response, so I’m very pleased with it. Made a dull guitar sound super! Highly recommended.
Dan Skapinsky
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I just got my Aspri Reverb and I want to tell you that I absolutely LOVE IT! Thanks so much for this awesome product. Your product is unbelievable!
Maximilian Weitenhillinger
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After the installation of the Unit on my guitar, I could not believe my ears it simply blows me away.
John Hasbrouck
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I absolutely love it! The reverb sound is better than ever. … It sounds absolutely magical!
Nattachart Manasirisuk
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It is very easy to install and sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for making such a quality product. I’ll recommend this to all my friends.
Vic Von Gemmingen
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I have applied it to a sort of classical hybrid by Ibanez. It sounds quite amazing, and actually brightens up the guitar’s tone without sacrificing the warmth of the classical aspects of this guitar. I do appreciate very much the engineering that must have gone into getting this right, where right is basically perfection.

Reviewed by:

“When you play, the vibrations from your saddle will trigger the springs inside the Aspri’s reverb tank, giving you completely real, live reverb… I had a ton of fun checking this out.”

You Can Also Plug In!

If you own an electro-acoustic nylon-string guitar or have a pickup, enjoy natural reverb picked up by your amp or sound system, enhancing your stage performance, completely feedback-free!

Check out Mario Guini rocking his Aspri live at the Latin Billboard Awards!

Play Video
Play Video about Mario Guini performing with the Aspri Clip-On Reverb on his guitar on-stage at Latin Billboard Awards

Instant Reverb in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Unbox

Unbox and fully extend your Aspri.

Step 2: Attach

Slide it under the strings and align it with your guitar’s saddle.​

Step 3: Secure

Ensure full contact and proper alignment for optimal sound.

Dimensions & Specs


186 mm (main)
142-216 mm (adjustable)


83 mm


36 mm (main)
87 mm (with back piece)


263 g

ABS plastic housing

with stainless steel pickup bar


Microfiber cloth, instruction booklet

Bring Your Nylon-String Guitar to Life

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your playing to the next level.

🚀 Transform Your Playing

Experience studio-quality reverb with Aspri Clip-On Reverb. This portable, unplugged device clips on in seconds, delivering rich, natural reverb that elevates your playing experience without any electronic equipment or hassle.

🎶 Your Personal Concert Hall

Add depth and dimension to your guitar’s sound. Aspri mimics the ambiance of a concert hall, enriching your guitar’s natural tone.

👌 Hassle-Free, Anywhere You Go

Perfect for all six-string classical and flamenco guitars, Aspri’s 100% unplugged design means no batteries, cables, pickups, pedals, or amps—just pure, natural reverb. Its ultralight, portable build lets you play anywhere.

🔧 Built to Last

Made with high-quality materials, Aspri is built to endure. Its award-winning design with padded features ensures it won't leave marks, residue, or scratches on your guitar, providing peace of mind with every use.

🎤 Stage and Studio Ready

Use with electro-acoustic guitars or pickups to deliver natural reverb through your amp or sound system, enhancing stage and studio performances.

🔊 Crystal-Clear Reverb

Eliminate feedback through your amplifier. Aspri’s design ensures clean, clear reverb without electronic interference.

Don't wait to fully immerse yourself in your music. Upgrade your nylon-string guitar’s sound instantly and naturally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this new model different from the older ones?

The new model has improved springs, a matte finish with wood-grain designs, and is much easier to clip on.

How can I tell if I’ve mounted it correctly?

Check our Installation page for detailed instructions.

Can it be removed easily?

Yes, it's easy to remove and reattach, keeping the perfect adjustment for your guitar.

Should it be removed from my guitar when not in use?

The Aspri is designed to be easily removable. However, it won’t harm your guitar if left attached.

Can it cause any damage to my guitar?

No, if installed correctly, our mark-free pads won't leave any marks or residue, or scratch or damage the finish of your guitar, ensuring it remains in pristine condition.

Is there a way to control the amount of reverb?

No, but the Aspri responds dynamically to how you play, giving you natural control over the effect.

Will it affect my guitar's tuning?

It will slightly shorten the string length by about 2mm, so retuning after installing the Aspri is recommended for optimal harmony.

What happened to the steel-string Aspri model?

We discontinued it to focus on the nylon-string version. Custom orders for steel-string models are available upon request. Please email us at [email protected].

I have a question that's not listed here…

Check our FAQ page for more Frequently Asked Questions or please email us at [email protected]. We'll be happy to help.

Aspri Clip-On Reverb for nylon-string guitars
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Clip-On Reverb

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Quality You Can Trust, Made in Canada 🍁

Proudly made in Canada 🍁, Aspri Reverb is crafted with the finest materials, ensuring top-notch quality and durability.

Every unit is meticulously assembled and tested to meet the highest standards, backed by a 1-year warranty.

We're confident you'll love the Aspri Reverb. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

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