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Quick Installation

This following video demonstrates the swift process of attaching and detaching the ASPRI Clip-On Reverb from your acoustic guitar.

Please note that this video does not include installation instructions and is not designed for first-time users. If you are new to the ASPRI, we recommend viewing our Detailed Installation video and consulting the accompanying PDF.

Detailed Installation

Explore our step-by-step instructional video for mounting the ASPRI Clip-On Reverb on your acoustic guitar. Adhering to these directions is crucial to ensure a secure fit and prevent any buzzing or rattling.

For comprehensive installation guidelines and further details, please refer to our downloadable PDF manual on how to mount the Aspri Clip-On Reverb.

Aspri Reverb Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Hold the cover with one hand. With the other hand, gently squeeze the adjustment tabs on both sides and fully extend the back piece.

Tilt the unit diagonally and weave the pick-up wings under the strings above the sound hole, ensuring each string is properly seated on a pick-up wing.

Gently pull the unit backwards until the pick-up wings contact the guitar’s saddle. Then carefully lower the unit to a position parallel to, but not touching, the soundboard.

Squeeze the adjustment tabs and push the back piece to the guitar’s tail, while retracting the cover with your other hand to expose the pick-up bar and its three arms slightly.

Firmly press the pick-up wings to ensure they are fully in contact with the saddle.

Ensure the suspension springs are aligned with the pick-up arms.

If not, gently adjust the unit from the back piece to correctly align the suspension springs.

To remove, gently pull the back piece. Lift the unit, move it toward the sound hole, and then carefully weave it out from under the strings.


The following video addresses common issues like rattling, buzzing, or distorted sound, and provides solutions for intonation concerns.

If these problems persist after following our Detailed Installation and Troubleshooting guides, please contact us with detailed information and any relevant images or videos at [email protected]. We’re here to assist you promptly.

How It Works

Discover the innovative design behind the Aspri Clip-On Reverb. Utilizing a unique spring system, it captures and enhances the natural vibrations of your guitar strings. This mechanism, in harmony with your guitar’s sound hole, creates a rich, enveloping reverb effect. The Aspri’s design ensures that the reverb is naturally integrated with your guitar’s acoustic sound, adding depth and resonance without any electronic aid. Experience a pure, acoustic reverb that brings your music to life.