Quick Installation

The following video is intended to show how quick it is to clip on and clip off the ASPRI Clip-On Reverb to your acoustic guitar.

It is important to know that this a direction-free video and is not intended for the first-time user.

For first-time users, please consult the Detailed Installation video and PDF.

Detailed Installation

The following is an easy step-by-step instructional video to successfully mount the ASPRI Clip-On Reverb to your acoustic guitar.

It is important to follow these directions carefully otherwise, you may experience buzzing and rattling.

For a detailed PDF on how to mount the Aspri Clip-On Reverb, Click Here.

3D Model

With the 3D model below, you can rotate, zoom, and move to see how the ASPRI Clip-On Reverb should look on your guitar – with the help of the Detailed Installation video above.

Hold ‘Left-Click’ to Rotate
Use ‘Mouse Scroll’ to Zoom
Hold ‘Right-Click’ to Move
Double Tap ‘Left-Click’ to Reset


The following video is purposely done in the case you experience rattling,  buzzing, and/or a hollow, distorted sound. This video will also address any questions regarding the intonation.

If you are still experiencing rattling or buzzing following careful instruction from the Detailed Installation and the following Troubleshoot video, please send us a detailed message (including pictures/videos) at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.