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“Having a blast with the Aspri reverb unit. Super cool little invention. Like playing your acoustic in the studio with headphones on and all the great sounding. Inspiring reverb… Definitely cool for songwriting.”
– Zakk Wylde, guitar legend & founder of Black Label Society

“The Aspri Reverb is awesome because it gives you reverb just live… It totally creates a mood for live performance. Love this thing!”
– Andy Grammer, platinum-selling recording artist

“I’m stunned! It’s so simple, and so genius and subtle at the same time!”
– Brendan Benson, singer-songwriter, producer, and co-founder of The Raconteurs

“Where has this thing been all my life. Instant inspiration guys!”
– Chris Henderson, lead guitarist of 3 Doors Down

“The best analog spring reverb I have heard in a long time & best of all I can bring it with me anywhere!”
– Eren Cannata, guitar player for Demi Lovato, and co-owner/producer of Cove City Sound Studios

“Not only does it sound amazing but it inspires and truly captivates you.”
– Mario Sebastian, guitarist of Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Thalia

“Playing around with my Aspri Reverb for acoustic guitars, they are insane, guitarists and musicians check them out.”
– Sandy Beales, bass guitar player for One Direction

“Aspri, the pocket spring reverb for acoustic guitar is a fantastic PHYSICAL effect. No Bluetooth. No batteries!”
– Vernon Reid, guitar legend & founder of Living Colour

“Our Aspris allow us to sound richer, fuller, and more inspired in even the most intimate (and revealing) venues. What a stroke of genius- a spring reverb on your acoustic guitar. I wish I’d thought of it first!”
– Matthew & Gunnar Nelson, artists & founders of the successful, multi-platinum band Nelson

“I felt an immediate inspiration and wanted to play more.”
– Andy Vargas, lead singer for Santana

“I love your product!”
– JV Etienne, songwriter and guitar player for Ciara, producer at Harmony Samuels/B.O.E.

“Most innovative reverb device in the last 15 years!”
– Brian Wooten, lead guitar player for Trace Adkins

“A remarkable device and completely unique! I’ve never seen anything like it!”
– Damon LaScot, lead guitar player for Meat Loaf, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra

“Great sound and I didn’t have to play in a stairwell to get awesome reverb.”
– Lee Williamson, guitar player for Walk Off The Earth

“This was amazing. Playing guitar felt like a whole new experience. The guitar sounded incredible.”
– Jessica Lynn, Country music’s fastest rising new star

“It is so inspirational, I love it! This will change the guitar world!”
– Edgar Cruz, guitarist extraordinaire

“It sounds very natural… It sounds wonderful, like electronics without electronics.”
– Jeff Sturms, guitar player for George Strait

“Absolutely unreal. This product could eliminate the need for reverb pedals altogether. If you’re an acoustic guitar player, Aspri Reverb will enhance your sound, no matter what genre you’re playing in.”
– Jason Kertson, rising star singer-songwriter & guitar virtuoso

“I purchased my first Aspri Reverb in 1986 after seeing it advertised in Guitar Player Magazine. That was back when they had the little Soundpage flexible records inside. Al Di Meola was demonstrating it and I was blown away! I still have that unit and also the new one which I have on my guitar all the time. Thank you Aspri for this wonderful product!”
– David “Sawlon” Lawson

“Made the guitar come to life… Sounded dead when Aspri was removed.”
– John Boggi, guitar tech for Jessica Lynn

“It’s probably the best invention that’s come out in the last 10 years!”
– Sketch Ellis

“I absolutely love it! The reverb sound is better than ever. … It sounds absolutely magical!”
– John Hasbrouck

“I am VERY impressed with the new version; the redesign is highly successful. It sounds great (like a spring “cathedral” reverb, but the spring sound is not overdone; the effect is very smooth…Bottom line: this is not a toy, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Check out the videos on their website, they don’t lie… I am really impressed with this thing. No electricity, and a very, very nice reverb sound…”
– “Flamenco Chuck” Keyser

“I just received the package this morning. It is very easy to install and sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for making such a quality product. I’ll recommend this to all my friends.”
– Nattachart Manasirisuk

“I just got my Aspri Reverb and I want to tell you that I absolutely LOVE IT! It sounds just like it does in your demo videos. Thanks so much for this awesome product… I am so impressed and so happy to have it now!”
– Dan Skapinsky

“The ASPRI is a great accessory! I was very pleased with how dramatically it improved the tonal response and volume of my Yamaha FG-400A. It is an OK guitar but doesn’t have much sustain or response to light fingering/touch. The ASPRI has given it a much better voice and touch response, so I’m very pleased with it. Made a dull guitar sound super! Highly recommended.”
– Bil Andersen

“I just bought an ASPRI UNIT – used it on my Blueridge acoustic guitar and… I could hear “heaven”…. Please believe me and try it yourself – you feel like playing in a concerthall ….Great stuff ! Thanks a lot for changing my musical life !”
– Corneille Driezen

“I have applied it to a sort of classical hybrid by Ibanez. It sounds quite amazing, and actually brightens up the guitar’s tone without sacrificing the warmth of the classical aspects of this guitar. I do appreciate very much the engineering that must have gone into getting this right, where right is basically perfection.”
– Vic Von Gemmingen

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