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About Us

Our Story

Reverberation: a guitarist’s dream, a staple in playing and recording. Enter the ASPRI Reverb System, a groundbreaking non-electronic sound effect for acoustic guitars. It’s not just a product; it’s an experience, emulating the grandeur of a concert hall without needing any electrical source, batteries, or amplification. And the best part? Your guitar remains untouched – no alterations, no perforations, no modifications.

The brainchild of Roberto Aspri, the ASPRI was born from an unconventional inspiration – the coils of a spring mattress. “The echo from my mattress as a child sparked an idea,” Roberto recalls. “…so when the reverb unit on my amp broke, I got this crazy idea to make a spring reverb that would attach to an acoustic guitar.””

Years of dedication, fueled by passion and innovation, followed. Roberto’s vision took shape through relentless experimentation, enriched by insights from guitar virtuosos like Liona Boyd and Alexandre LaGoya. With the support of CRIQ, Quebec’s industrial design incubator, and the creative minds of designers Michel Dallaire and Claude Mauffette, the ASPRI Reverb System transformed from a dream into reality.

The ASPRI’s journey to excellence has been marked by prestigious accolades, including the Canada Award for Business Excellence in Industrial Design and the Prix Graphisme Québec for its unique packaging. It’s not just a product; it’s a piece of Canadian inventiveness, showcased in Quebec City’s Musée de la Civilisation.

From its humble beginnings, the ASPRI has captivated musicians globally, with thousands of units finding homes in Canada, the USA, and across continents from Germany to Japan, Spain to Australia.

Our range includes two distinct models:

  • ASPRI Acero: Tailored for the rich tones of steel-string flat-top guitars.
  • ASPRI Clásico: Crafted for the nuanced sounds of classical and flamenco guitars.

Our Motto

At ASPRI, we believe in the power of natural sound. No digital processor can replicate the authenticity and warmth of our spring reverb. Our mission is simple yet profound: to inspire. The overwhelming response from artists worldwide fuels our passion. We’ve seen our niche project, since its latest iteration in 2023, soar to new heights, driven by your incredible support and creativity.

Join the ranks of artists who have found inspiration in the ASPRI. Let it be your companion, wherever your music takes you. Experience the reverb that’s not just heard but felt. With the ASPRI, your music isn’t just played; it’s transformed.