No power source required. Say goodbye to batteries and charging.


No more tangled cords – it’s completely unplugged. Bring it anywhere.


No need to make alterations/modifications to your guitar. Just clip on & enjoy.

Mario Sebastian (lead guitarist of Marc Anthony) with the Aspri Reverb:

Guitar legend Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) with the Aspri Reverb:

Yves Savard (lead guitarist of Lynda Lemay) with the Aspri Reverb:

Andy Grammer (“Back Home”) with the Aspri Reverb:'s

The Aspri Clip-On Reverb is to the acoustic guitar what the pedal is to the piano…

Whether you’re a serious guitar player or you’re just getting started, there’s no better way to find inspiration than through rich, authentic natural reverb.

This is what a guitar sounds like with & without the Aspri Reverb:'s

Get reverb in seconds

It takes 5 seconds to clip it on to your guitar.

Easy to switch guitars

One Aspri for all of your guitars. As simple as clip-on/clip-off.

Bring it anywhere

It’s perfect for the beach, a campfire… Literally anywhere!'s a

You can also use the Aspri Reverb while plugged into your amp. The effect?

Watch what it sounds like using the Aspri Reverb with & without an amp:

…even Jennifer Lopez’ and Marc Anthony’s lead guitarist, Mario Sebastian, used the Aspri on stage at the Latin Billboard Awards for the world premiere of Marc Anthony’s hit song “Vivir Mi Vida”. it
...simplicity at it's

Reverberation is the most sought-after sound effect in music and everybody craves for the most “natural-sounding” reverb. In this digital era, the options for good reverb are very limited and highly costly.

Here instead, weighing less than 1 lb and packing on quite the sound to have you fully immersed into your music, we offer you what our customers and ambassadors call an “instant upgrade to your guitar”, for you to take anywhere and project everywhere – as loud as you want.

Unleash the artist in you. Be inspired by your portable concert hall: the Aspri.

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for Steel-String Guitars


for Nylon-String Guitars
...and we got you