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“Not only does it sound amazing but it inspires and truly captivates you”
- Mario Sebastian, Guitarist for Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

“I am VERY impressed with the new version; the redesign is highly successful. It sounds great (like a spring “cathedral” reverb, but the spring sound is not overdone; the effect is very smooth…Bottom line: this is not a toy, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Check out the videos on their website, they don’t lie…” “I am really impressed with this thing. No electricity, and a very, very nice reverb sound…”
- "Flamenco Chuck" Keyser

“… I just received the package this morning. It is very easy to install and sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for making such a quality product. I’ll recommend this to all my friends…”
- Nattachart Manasirisuk

“It is so inspirational, I love it! This will change the Guitar world!”
- Edgar Cruz, professional guitarist

“I just got my Aspri Reverb and I want to tell you that I absolutely LOVE IT! It sounds just like it does in your demo videos. Thanks so much for this awesome product… I am so impressed and so happy to have it now!”
- Dan Skapinsky

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve received the unit for nylon string guitar, and I absolutely love it! The reverb sound is better than ever. … It sounds absolutely magical!”
- John Hasbrouck

“I purchased my first Aspri Reverb in 1986 after seeing it advertised in Guitar Player Magazine. That was back when they had the little Soundpage flexible records inside. Al Di Meola was demonstrating it and I was blown away! I still have that unit and also the new one which I have on my guitar all the time. Thank you Aspri for this wonderful product! Dave a.k.a. Sawlon”
- David “Sawlon” Lawson

How does that thingy sound?

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ASpri clÁsico : for nylon string guitars

Now you can sound like you’re actually in the Alhambra when you play Recuerdos de la Alhambra.

The ASPRI Clásico is for classical and flamenco guitars.

The guitar must be equipped with a standard bridge and strung with nylon strings: it will not provide optimum performance on guitars equipped with highly compensated or split saddles.

No modification to the guitar is required and installation is simple.


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How it works

It’s all about good vibrations.

The ASPRI reverb system clips on to your guitar between the bridge and the lower bout.

String vibration causes the reverb springs to vibrate. This reverberation is transferred from the pickup bar to the bridge of your guitar making your sound board vibrate. The result: rich, expansive tonal quality.


Before ordering, please make sure your guitar satisfies the above-listed criteria.

For steel string guitars, use the ASPRI Acero.

No refund or compensation of any kind will be granted or allocated on grounds of incompatibility, misuse or damage incurred directly or indirectly.

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